We had to keep the steel panel next to the door that houses the heavy hydraulics for the front door. So we decided that we should build a wine rack around the steel panel, and top it with a useful little oak counter top table. We decided we wanted to see the wine bottles easily from the side, but didn’t want them wine bottles rattling around. I had seen previous wine rack… Read More

Following our original design we wanted to build another double bed at the front of the bus for friends staying over. This would need to fold out/pull out from underneath a sofa. We opted for a pull out version. We wanted a slight L shape to the sofa to make the lounge area a bit more cosy and not just a straight sofa, so that complicated the bed design a little. In… Read More

Once the back cupboards, bed frame and base and shower room were complete, moving forwards in the bus, the next logical thing to build was the closet. This went up quite quickly. We use 1”x2” timber frame that we adding 5mm ply to on the bedroom side to keep the nice white clean bedroom interior feel. We then opted for reclaimed wood on the front and sofa side of the closet to… Read More