We bought a 200W Solar Panel kit that included 2 x 100W Panels, wiring and a basic, but hopefully adequate, Solar Charge unit. We got this off eBay for about GBP 220. We also decided to install two skylights to add light into the bus and to encourage air flow and provide ventilation.  We bought a very basic Fiamma Skylight/Vent for GBP 50 on eBay for the lounge area and an Omnistor… Read More

Once you have pulled everything out of the bus and made it water tight, you can start designing the type of layout you want as you will have more accurate measurement now. We used a free version of Google Sketch to make our plans. We found this programme easy to use with lots of tutorials online. Initially we took the measurements of the bus and drew out the empty shell. Save this… Read More

If like us you brought an old bus, it will probably be full of leaks. We sprayed our bus all over with a pressure washer, and to our horror pretty much every part of the bus that could leak, did leak! This was not just the windows, the wheel bases, and the blue fibreglass trim, but every single roof seal as well. This was a very time-consuming and particularly unenjoyable job to… Read More

  First thing first – you need to strip your bus to an empty shell. There is a lot more work involved in this than you would initially think. Stripping out all the unneeded frames, chairs and lifts This was hard work as our bus is over 10 years old and a lot of the bolts were rusted tight.  We still managed to take out all of the chairs in about 4… Read More

Hi, welcome to our first blog post. We are Amy & David, a young couple with a passion for travel and building. After too many years of working for other people we decided that we want to set up our own business. We searched all over the world for interesting opportunities but found that property and business ownership laws in most of the places we wanted to explore were making it extremely… Read More