Build Stage 20 – Make sure all is safe and then step back and appreciate what you have achieved


We were finally there. We had taken a bus that needed a new gear box (unknowing to us), stripped it back to its very aluminium shell core state, insulated it, installed electrics, plumbing and gas – with no idea of how any of these systems worked – and with four months of back to back 12-16 hour days we had something that looked like the version of the mobile home that we had wanted in the start. The journey had taken two months longer, about £6000 more than budgeted for, and completely drained our bodies and soul to get it here – but we were finished – and what we saw we were in love with. Our ambition had always been to make something that resembled the quality, finish and function of a small studio apartment, and we think that is what we achieved; with the slight ramshackle look of an old seaside beach hut.

Last thing to do was get the brakes checked, the wheels taken off, greased and put back on, buy the stuff necessary for breakdowns in Europe, get ourselves a couple of folding bikes and an inflatable kayak, and that’s it. Time to make a break for the sunshine of Europe!!!

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