Build Stage 19 – Final Accessories and Homely Touches

Cushions, art, throws, baskets, bookcase, tiki mugs, own poster,

Having set out with this moodboard (loads of images stuck to a corkboard) as the inspiration for what we wanted the bus to look and feel like once we were done, now came the fun part that we had been toiling away for 12 hours a day non-stop for four months – the decorating part!

We started at the back of the bus and started working our way forward. We got some canvases made for the bedroom of some images we had from a few years before. We made and put up a thick canvas door for the closet, added a mirror to the shower room door and bought some turquoise chevron throws (mainly to keep the daft white sofa fabric clean) but also to bring in some of the beachy themed turquoises we were wanting.

We bought some cheap wicker baskets to sit on the extended bed cushion, which would act as additional storage space, but would also look really cool. Unfortunately when they arrived they looked a bit naff, so we set about making some white canvas bags that we tied inside them. Much improved these were added under the sofa.

We installed the polished up the resin art piece that we had made for the shower room to bring some colour and interest in there, and mounted the original speakers to the walls (with a new coat of black spray paint on them they looked as good as new).

We added a beach sign that we had from Dubai to the kitchen wall, and added our cookbooks to our bookcase. We had brought over some Tiki Mugs that we made in Antigua for a daft Tiki cocktail party we had and these fit perfectly into the bookcase too.

We made some insulated double-thickness thermal shades for the windscreen and side windows out of the floorboard liner that we had left over, and sewed a cotton trim boarder to them to keep both sides together. We sowed on some Velcro to the shades and glued some Velcro to the window edges and now the conversion was totally private inside.

We installed a couple of fire extinguishers, made a thick canvas front door curtain, made some rope tie backs for the closet and front door curtain, bought a hammock that can attach to a ring bolt half way down the bus, and hang on…. What is this… are we done !?!?!


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