Build Stage 16 : Building the Wine rack

We had to keep the steel panel next to the door that houses the heavy hydraulics for the front door. So we decided that we should build a wine rack around the steel panel, and top it with a useful little oak counter top table. We decided we wanted to see the wine bottles easily from the side, but didn’t want them wine bottles rattling around. I had seen previous wine rack where the front part of the rack was higher than the back, so that the wine bottles sat on an angle, and this stopped them from falling out. However, being somewhat OCD, I didn’t like the look of the bottle not horizontally level with everything else. So I decided that if the front part of the rack where you slide the bottles in was higher than the back, but then there was a smaller section cut out for the neck of the bottle, this would make the bottles sit horizontally, but also lock them in place. The design work absolutely perfectly, although some fatter bottomed bottles don’t fit in the rack.


The key is to mark and cut the smaller front hole for the bottle necks to sit perfectly in line with the centre of the back hole, so the bottles lie level. If you have a large hole saw then the cutting of this rack will take no time at all. If like me however, you are going to have to draw and cut with a jigsaw and then finish off with a fall moon file and sand paper, expect this to take you a good few days to mark, cut, file, sand, add Danish Oil to seal and install. Worth all the effort though as one of my favourite parts of the bus and adds some warmth, style and functionality to an otherwise redundant section of the lounge area. Yes. If you haven’t got it already, I am very pleased with myself.


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