Build Stage 15 : Building the extendable Sofabed/lounge area

Following our original design we wanted to build another double bed at the front of the bus for friends staying over. This would need to fold out/pull out from underneath a sofa. We opted for a pull out version. We wanted a slight L shape to the sofa to make the lounge area a bit more cosy and not just a straight sofa, so that complicated the bed design a little. In the end we decided to make a pull out laundry box (with custom made cloth canvas bag inside for carrying to a launderette) under the L Shaped part of the sofa. This would pull out to form the extended top section of the bed. On top of the box we made an extra thick cushion that would make that the foam would all be level.



We then built the sofa base frame and the extending section. We chamfered the edges of the extending section to ensure that they fit snuggly when not extended and would not slide out without being intentionally pulled out. We glued together sections of foam and enlisted the seamstress skills of my mum to create an L shaped sofa cushion for the permenant sofa. We also made a straight foam section for the extended bed, that lives under the straight section of the sofa when not in use. We bought 4 wicker baskets and made custom canvas sacks to go inside them, and this is where we store our pots and pans, plates, glasses, fruit and veg and other kitchen storage items. We thought that they might need rope to stop them from sliding out when driving but the friction of the fabric of the cushion they sit on keeps them perfectly in place. We stained all of the frame with some oak wood stain, added some rope handles, some Velcro here and there, and our smashing extendable sofa bed frame, laundry box/bag and wicker box storage was complete. Add a few bright cushions, nice turquoise throws and the space looks fantastic and better than we could hope for. The only thing was that we didn’t get a full sized double out of it (due to the max depth of seat needed to sit comfortably, but still two adult guests could easily fit on there!)


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