Build Stage 14 : Building the Closet

Once the back cupboards, bed frame and base and shower room were complete, moving forwards in the bus, the next logical thing to build was the closet. This went up quite quickly. We use 1”x2” timber frame that we adding 5mm ply to on the bedroom side to keep the nice white clean bedroom interior feel. We then opted for reclaimed wood on the front and sofa side of the closet to add the ‘beach themed’ character we wanted to create in the lounge/kitchen side of the conversion. The reclaimed wood looked amazing, but was just simply far too heavy. Much to Amy’s horror we decided that they only way around this was to router out the backs of all the boards to reduce their weight. Amy worked on this for several days, and although the look is exactly how we wanted it, using pallet wood for the reclaimed wood might not have been the fastest way to produce this look – but it was certainly the cheapest as totally free!


We then added a downlight in the middle of the ceiling and made a drop down panel which we added LED strip light too and also ran this strip light down the sides of the closet on the back wall to ensure there was plenty of light at the back of the closet when full of clothes. We added some shelves for shoes, drilled a metal digital safe into the floor and walls, added clothes rails, and a rail for the material door. We were originally intending to build bifolding timber doors, but realistically the fabric door is by far the better option as it takes up no space when opening, is easy to close and easy to store out of the way with a few rope ties. The fabric also contrasts nicely with the reclaimed wooden right side and front of the closet. We also create a raised front so that the base of the closet became an enclosed shoe box, and added some elastic cable ties to hooks in order to store our table out of sight.


To complement the reclaimed wood effect on the lounge side we purchased a standard 240V industrial looking copper wall light, which we replaced with a 12V LED bulb, and switched separately from the main lounge 12v lights. This means we can have a more ambient low level light in there in the evenings if we want; which works very effectively as even three of the 12V 3W downlighters can be pretty bright in the evening!


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