Seville – Cordoba –Almeria –  Mojacar – Calabardina – Los Arenals -Moraira – Valencia – Barcelona – Tossa de Mar – Caldes de Malavella – Roses We decided to head across to Seville, as the 240V invertor had blown a fuse, so we needed to find a camping shop to replace this.  Unfortunately we had to pay for the Motorhome Parking here in Seville and it wasn’t cheap at 12 Euros!  Link… Read More

Chaves – Porto– Coimbra – Prego Dam – Benagil Beach – Saint Luzia We drove for hours and hours through the mountains in Spain to end up in Portugal. The Landscape was amazing, on the Northern Spanish side we were surrounded by green forested mountains. Once we passed through to the Southern side we were suddenly in a much hotter dryer climate, with landscape similar to the Grand Canyon. We stopped at… Read More

San Sebastian – Zumaia – Lekeito – Ribadesella When we first got to San Sebastian we tried to find a space at Autokarabanak Paseo De Berio, unsurprisingly it was full. The streets around there were also completely full of motorhomes. We parked up on Tolosa Hiribidea street.  You had to pay to park here in the day time (3 Euros), but after 8pm it was free! Also there were no restrictions for… Read More

A major consideration when travelling through France is that of the very expensive Road Tolls, which can sometimes be in excess of twenty pounds a pop. If you try avoid them, which at times provides some unexpected gems, you do also run the risk of ending up on tiny lane country roads; which in a large bus conversion can make for some pretty hair-raising driving. Another consideration is that travelling via motorhome… Read More

  We were finally there. We had taken a bus that needed a new gear box (unknowing to us), stripped it back to its very aluminium shell core state, insulated it, installed electrics, plumbing and gas – with no idea of how any of these systems worked – and with four months of back to back 12-16 hour days we had something that looked like the version of the mobile home that… Read More

Cushions, art, throws, baskets, bookcase, tiki mugs, own poster, Having set out with this moodboard (loads of images stuck to a corkboard) as the inspiration for what we wanted the bus to look and feel like once we were done, now came the fun part that we had been toiling away for 12 hours a day non-stop for four months – the decorating part! We started at the back of the bus… Read More

So with the pull out sofa starting to take shape, it was time to turn our attention to the kitchen. 1 – Install the Gas Heater & Secure Gas Bottles Whilst many people opt for the old Carver Cascade water heaters that can be picked up for around £80-100 we wanted to choose a newer brand that had 240v electric hook up (in case we ever decided to park our van up… Read More

So we kept one of the bus seats in order to use it as the front passenger’s seat, however the seat previously had a base that ran level with the floor on runner track. We decided where we wanted to the passenger seat to go and realised that it was half on the cab step, and half off it. This meant that we had to build a strong steel frame to attach… Read More

We had to keep the steel panel next to the door that houses the heavy hydraulics for the front door. So we decided that we should build a wine rack around the steel panel, and top it with a useful little oak counter top table. We decided we wanted to see the wine bottles easily from the side, but didn’t want them wine bottles rattling around. I had seen previous wine rack… Read More